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Add multiple SPF records to your domain

If you are sending emails through multiple delivery servers using Author.Email, you might want to add multiple SPF records to your domain. SPF records have a limit of 10 entries, but it’s easy to consolidate your SPF records into a longer TXT record (or split them into multiple TXT records).

Check out the example SPF record for ‘delivery-server.com’:

your-author-name.com TXT
v=spf1 a mx a:mail.delivery-server.com a:delivery-server.ie a:server5.delivery-server.com a:server7.delivery-server.com mx:server95.delivery-server.com include:deliveryserver-2.com ip4: ip4: -all

The SPF record above is too long and needs to be shortened. This is easy to do using v=spf[1-3], where the numbers in brackets refer to the number of SPF records you are creating.

So, instead of the above, you would create the following TXT records:

  • spf1.your-author-name.com TXT
    v=spf1 a mx a:mail.delivery-server.com a:mail.delivery-server.ie a:server5.delivery-server.com -all
  • spf2.your-author-name.com TXT
    v=spf1 server7.delivery-server.com mx:server95.delivery-server.com include:delivery-server-2.com -all
  • spf3.your-author-name.com TXT
    v=spf1 ip4: ip4: -all

Note: You can create more records as required, but remember that lookups are limited to 10 records (e.g. 10 delivery servers).

You still need an initial SPF records, so set that up like this:

your-author-name.com TXT
v=spf1 include:spf1.delivery-server.com include:spf2.delivery-server.com include:spf3.delivery-server.com -all”

When the DNS updates, now all your records would be read as a single record by the recipient servers!

You can check the status of your SPF record additions by using the MX Toolbox — SPF Checker.

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